this are the reviews of the novels i have painstalking found roaming the net.

just click the novel title to see my review.

Translated Novels

Dungeon maker not very reccommended

summoned slaughterer

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka


Legendary moonlight sculptor strongly reccommedned

Gate jietai kare no chi ni kaku tatakeri

Master of monsters

yuusha party

Konjiki no wordmaster

tsuyokute new saga

Maou no hajimaketa r 18


hachi nan

himeshki ga classmate r 18

tate no yuusha reccomended

is heaven supposed to be like this reccommended hehe r 21+

tensei shitara slime reccomended

Long live summons

descent of the phoenix



gone with the blast wave

mushoko tensei strongly reccomended r 18



Desolate era

Stellar transformation

I shall seal the heavens

god and devil World

Internet Fictions

summoned hero

zombie master r 18

the zombie knight

the bathrobe knight reccommended

To deprive a deprivated person reccommended

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