Chapter 8: New family

Chapter 8: New family

Sorry guys for leaving the chapter half-way, I was too tired yesterday night, I hope you can understand.

“granpy, tonight spirits, kay?”

“Okay, oh! I just remembered a perfect story!

Do you know what a renegade spirit is?”

“Renegade spirit? Never heard, is some kind of evil spirit or something?”

“yeah, some kind of evil spirit….

Do you think all spirits are good and love humans? No, lot of spirits wants only two things from humans, either magic power or bodies.

So, what happens when a spirit want a human host, but the owner of the body doesn’t agree?

The spirit can’t forcefully get in, especially with races holding magic gems, the gems radiance is too powerful for them, like throwing an insect into the fire.

Why is this? In normal humans, the greed and other sins poison the soul, making it toxic to spirits.

However, when a human with kind heart, and white soul appear, the spirit can freely enter, no poison there to stop him.

And that’s how renegade spirits are born, by breaking into someone’s body and stealing control over their bodies, they gets considered traitors from their kind, they renounce to everything, just to live a human life.

Usually a human can’t live past 120, it’s god decree, if they get to 120 years old death await them shortly, so, when a possessed bod approach his end what does the spirit do? He can’t leave it, the other spirits would attack him.

Therefore, he find someone else with a pure heart, snatch his body, and keeps living.

Going like this, a spirit can live forever, especially if he steal an immortal body, like the an angel one, too bad angels have their wings, but if an angel were to lose his wings….”

When the little girl came back to her court yard, she saw nothing different from usual, everything was in order, she kept moving her purple eyes looking for signs of her parents, sadly there were none.

She held back her tears, she had to be strong, she didn’t want to let her parents see her crying, they always got sad seeing her tears.

She looked at the man with white hair, he was flashing a smile directed to her, to her he looked very scary, he was tall, instead of eyes, he seemed to have two moons, completely with, but irradiating azure light.

Even though his look, she didn’t felt he was evil, he was just scary.

On the other hand, the man that had accompanied her, looked both kind and good, he had revealed his name before, Summer, what a nice name.

“Have my parents come back?”

She asked to the white haired man, maybe they were inside waiting for her.

“Yes, they are waiting inside for you.”

Hearing this, the girl was euphoric, she jumped on the place and ran to the door, upon entering, there wasn’t as she had imagined, her parents running to her, no joyous reconciliation.

She called their names, “papa, mama, I’m back!” she screamed several times, still no answer, she thought they may have lied to her, her parents clearly weren’t in home.

She went out with a questioning expression on her face.

“Check the bedroom, when I last saw them, they were going to sleep.”

She once again run inside, headed to her parents’ bedroom, slowly opened the door, her parents were actually there, under the blankets hugging each other’s.

“Mama, papa, I’m here, wake up!”

She called once again, still no answer, she jumped on the bed, started to shake her parents, tears pushed their way on her cheeks.

“Why don’t you wake up!”

She was still a child, concepts like life and death weren’t known by her, as much as she knew, her parents were really just sleeping, and for some reason refused to wake up.

She once again ran outside, 20 minutes had passed, but everyone was still where she had left them.

“Mister, mister, my parents won’t wake up! Please help them!”

She had run to Elpis, the closest to the house, and asked for help, naturally resurrecting the dead was way over him, if the souls were still there maybe he could do something, but they were since long dead.

Seeing the kid in front of him crying for help, his heart ached as if pierced and tore to piece by something, this wasn’t the first time he had such a feeling, it was the feeling of wanting to help someone, but being unable to do so.

“They won’t wake up anymore.”

He explained things bluntly, lying to her wasn’t the right thing to do, and he knew it, he would try his best at explaining it now.

“WHY! Why they will not wake up again! You are a liar! They always wake up every morning!”

“Listen me, I know your pain, your parents have gone to a different place, where you can’t follow them, at least now, while you are still a kid, but you don’t have to be sad, one day you will meet them again, I promise you.”

She somehow stopped crying.

“Will I really meet them again?”

“Yes, I promise you.”

She looked troubled, whether to believe him or not.

She went back to her parents’ death bed, she started crying once again while hugging their bodies, but they were cold, all the love they could give while living, now was gone.

She feel asleep between the two.

“what do you want to do? She is a child, she can’t come with us, she may lose her life.”

“What other choice do we have? Leave her alone with her dead parents? She is coming, moreover, she is a Dominazione, and one day she will be quite powerful, even more than archangels.”

“I still think we should just bring her to the meeting point and leave her with the other civilians until she is grown enough.”


Sun had set and rise, a new day had started, first thing Elpis went to check the girl, she was still sleeping with her parents, he could hear the sound of someone breathing, and surely weren’t the parents’ (dark  humour indeed).

He waited together with Summer until she woke up and left the house.

When she left the house they were quite startled, she had actually grown up, as if a year had passed, she was taller, her hair was longer and she also looked a little more mature.

She approached the duo and asked.
“What are you going to do now, are you leaving like my parents?”

“Yes we are, but you are coming with us, we can’t just leave a kid alone in the woods. We will be your new family, and trust me, we will never leave you.”

(Part I wanted to add to light up the mood, “or at least I won’t, the immortal never aging Nephilim, don’t count too much on Summer, he is human, little weak in face of death.”)

Tears accumulated in the corners of her eyes, she seemed to express extreme sadness, for her parents, and gratitude, for her new family.

Elpis got on one knee and hugged her, she hugged him back and started to cry, once again, meanwhile Elpis kept saying in her ears, we won’t leave you, I promise.”

Second Half!

She cried even stronger, her tiny arm tightly wrapped around Elpis neck-

Summer was watching the scene in silence, but something else caught his attention, there was someone sneaking up on them.

“Elpis we have company.”

Elpis looked in the woods, he could hear that there was someone, but he couldn’t see him.

“Congratulation on noticing me.”

Someone came out of the bushes; she was a woman with blue hair wearing a blue robe.

“You should deserve a prize for noticing me, give me the girl and I’ll let you live.”

Elpis frowned, she wasn’t human, and she probably had the strength to back up her words.

He slowly raised with the girl still sticked to him, he couldn’t part with her, he had made a promise, and no one would break that promise.

“what business you have with her?”

“Business? I want her body.”

Finally, Elpis understood she was a renegade spirit, blue hair; she was from the water element, worst possible combination, after all he and Theresa were both fire element users.

“Summer, take the girl and run to Phoenix, see each other in a few days at the meeting point, this is no easy opponent. Kid, you have to go with summer, we will see each other in a few days, I promise.”

“nooooooooo, I don’t want to separate! You will leave like my parents!”

Elpis was nervous, while he was arguing with the kid, the spirit could attack at any moment, to protect the girl, he did the only possible thing, (he created a narcotic gas to make her sleep, this was my first idea)

“You have to be brave now, we will definitely see each other in max a week, please, you have to go now.”


Luckily summer took the girl by force and ran away, while Summer was running, you could hear the girl cries getting farther away.

“Finally done with the family business? Then hurry up, die before they get too far away.”

When she pronounced “away” she didn’t give any time to reply, a water blade appeared from below Elpis, she was clearly trying to kill him on the first strike.


He jumped to the right to avoid the blade, but it was only the beginning,  dozen other blades surrounded him from every direction.

They appeared from the ground, forced their way open from trees and fell from the sky, a few even neared him, leaving cuts, and luckily, he had avoided major injuries.

“9/10 avoided, great job, let’s what will you do now.”

Suddenly, an earthquake, a few point on the ground exploded from pressure, and water geyser appeared.

Moreover, the water blades kept coming; Elpis clearly understood he was in a bad situation, so, because he couldn’t keep avoiding, he should attack.

After avoiding another water blade, he sprinted to the woman, he was clearly too fast, the woman did nothing at all to react.

When Elpis fist reached the woman, it sunk in her, but it was strange, it didn’t felt like he landed a hit, more like if he had immerged his hand in water.

“It’s a trap!” (Colonel Ackbar would be proud)

The woman body, was only a clone, the real was hiding nearby,  but what was worst, was that he couldn’t get his fist out, the water was like concrete in that moment, gripping his fist in a steel like catch.

Suddenly water blades appeared everywhere, and not only them, ice spears and the earth was going to generate a geyser right below his feet too.

He tried to free himself even stronger than before, he tried using fire to evaporate the area around his hand, useless, the water was too strong.

Deciding he couldn’t free himself, he created a pure steel wall around him, this drained a great amount of power, since it had created it from the nothingness.

Water attacks started hitting the steel cage, trying to break it open, but leaving only dents, for now it was impenetrable, however it couldn’t last for long.

He tried even the telekinesis to separate the water from his arm, but it felt more like he was ripping his arm off.

Then it came the idea, born from desperation, he would rip his arm off, usually if someone was to injure him, the injuries would be nullified and transferred to an unlucky guy in the ark; However, auto inflicted injuries would remain.

He examined every option he had, and that was his last choice, he prepared himself, steeled his resolve then created a sword out of Phoenix feathers from his ring, and cut down.

Silver blood sprayed out, while the arm sank deeper in the water Body.

The feeling of loss was enormous, but he had no time to rest, the geyser would explode every moment now.

He opened the cage and jumped out, once outside he looked carefully his surroundings, he needed to find the water witch.

But no matter what he couldn’t find her, if he couldn’t fight then it was time to flee, first he made sure that Summer and the girl had left the area, when he saw Phoenix in the sky going east he felt relieved, at least they were safe.

“Very good idea to cut off your own arm.”

The woman had come back, and the water attacks had stopped.

“At first I wanted the girl, then I wanted your body, but now it’s ruined.”

Elpis had clearly hatred in his eyes, that woman had climbed his list of people to kill; it was now third, near the emperor and his father’s killer.

“At least I had some fun, now DIE!”

Earth trembled once again, but his time, it was because something massive was approaching, a massive water tsunami, Elpis couldn’t help but Swallow his saliva, that would surely hurt a lot.

He betted everything on his last strike, he formed 4 steel pikes and launched them against the woman, she avoided all the four pillars.

“haha, hitting me with such swallows attacks? Keep drea-“

She spitted out a great amount of blood.

Confused she looked down and noticed 4 spikes’ tip going out of her chest.

What Elpis had betted on, wasn’t the steel pikes’ speed, was her not noticing he could use telekinesis, once the spikes were avoided, he called them back, and on their way, they meet someone’s back.

She fell face down on the ground and the enormous wave lost his power falling to the ground.

Unfortunately for Elpis, the water of the tsunami was really too much, once on the ground, the whole area was flooded and he was dragged away.


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