Chapter 7: Purple eyes

Chapter 7: Purple eyes
I decided on the knight’s name, I read all your suggestions and decided for the name Summers, suggested by Troll.
Said this, go back to give me views!
“What will you tell me about tonight, heroes or politics?”
“Neither, tonight I will tell you about a legend; this legend was about two angels, deserters of the labyrinthian battle.
This two angels’ names were Milech and Ariel, two lovers.
They both had sustained injuries in the demon war, and when they knew about the human army approaching, they got scared, fled the city and went to hide near the Ocean’s son lake.
They had enough of war and deaths, all they wanted was having a baby, just like humans, but god hadn’t created them that way.
They could have children with other humans and raise them, but for them it wasn’t enough, the child had to be between the two of them.
Being finally far away from every other angel, they did something prohibited, they contacted a spirit of creation, one of god tools to create and populate worlds.
Why it was prohibited, it is easy to understand, changing the world, meant going against god’s word, but they didn’t care, there was no one left to punish them.
They prayed the spirit to let them have a son together, the spirit, accepted, but gave conditions:
First: the two had to give him their wings, which meant stop being angels.
Second: the son couldn’t be human, he would be born as a random race, this included demon as well.
Third: If someone was to discover the baby, they had to die, to bring in their tombs the secret of which spirit helped them in their blasphemy.
The angels didn’t even think for a second, they accepted, the spirit then ripped off their wings and changed their bodies.
Milech became a man and Ariel a woman; they had become humans.
Finally being able to give birth, the two loved each other every night, then Ariel became pregnant.
But there was something different, maybe because they were former angels, Ariel pregnancy lasted only 3 days.
However, they didn’t care that much, it only meant they were going to have the baby sooner.
Then on the dawn of the fourth day, Ariel gave birth, it wasn’t a horned demon, it didn’t have green hair, and wasn’t human either.
Their son was something that still didn’t exist on that world, they had only heard about this type of creatures before.
Dominazioni, the personal guards of god, 4 crystal wings, the double of a normal angel, glistering skin, purple eyes and purple hair.
Plus it wasn’t a male, but a daughter, at first they were worried, their daughter was a Dominazione (singular of Dominazioni), it was like if a farmer had a king’s child.
Fortunately for the child, the two still loved their daughter and named her Uriel, they wanted to raise her with love for the world and for the nature.
Unfortunately, the day the two angels had descended to the lake, they were spotted by a fisherman, this man spread the voice about two angels living near the lake, and when the voice reached the empire ears…
You can guess the rest of the story, soldiers reached the cabin where they were living and being humans, they couldn’t fight a force made to kill angels.
Their only success was to hide the child from the soldiers eyes, before being tortured to reveal where the two angels were hiding.
Ironically, they even weren’t recognized as angels without their wings, but this didn’t save them.”
“geez, you always end your stories tragically.”
“this because life never ends with a “everybody lived forever hapy.”

“okay, test complete, this saddle is perfectly safe against fire, thank you knight for your cooperation.”
Elpis after 4 more test had created a perfect saddle to ride Phoenix, thanks to the fire element he had obtained from Teresa, he could finally create fire-proof equipment.
But he needed to test it, luckily knight was there, ready to serve the cause and sacrifice a few layers of skin.
“I forgave you for treating me like a guinea pig, but at least could you call me by my name? Summer.”
“What a stupid name, were your parents greats fan of the legendary knight, to even name you after him…”
Summer seemed to say something in low voice, but Elpis didn’t care that much, he jumped over the Phoenix, used his mind to bring Summer next him and departed on wings of fire.
Flying on the phoenix was very strange, first, from the sky, everything on the ground seemed incredibly small, second, the wind was like a wall, if it wasn’t for their abnormal bodies, Elpis and summer would have fell already.
Another strange thing was the difference between the icy air at their height and the heat of the phoenix.
Gradually Elpis, to enjoy his flight, created some improvements, like a reinforced glass to defend him against the air-resistance, or a bed made with phoenix feathers to sleep and at the same time stay warm.
Naturally, at first he made Summer test those inventions, if the glass was too weak it would shatter and his fragments would injury, while the feather bed could self-combust if too much heat was accumulated.
After 2 hours of travel they finally saw a cart similar to the one used in the village to transport the slaves.
They landed a few miles ahead; Elpis didn’t want the Phoenix to be discovered too soon, before he could make his move no one could suspect there was something strange in the north.
In 15 minutes, they reached the cart.
“Let me go forward, I don’t want to repeat what happened in the village.”
Elpis nodded and let the armour-less knight walk forward.
The cart was a little bigger than the last, but it was similarly covered with a green tarpaulin; it was this that attracted Elpis.
Leading the cart, five men on horses and another two sitting on the driver seat of the cart.
Clearly an escort and two merchants.
Summer approached them raising his hands in the air, to show he had no weapons nor ill intentions.
One of the men riding on a horse pointed a spear at his chest.
“Who are you?”
“I’m just a curious wanderer; I saw your covered wagon and wanted to see what you were transporting.”
“Step back Summer, I can feel the presence of 18 seraphs inside, those men are all slavers, the one on the cart, is the worst of all, I can feel his black soul from here.”
Elpis thanks to his souls buffet, could now sense souls even without grabbing someone’s heart, for now his radius was of 25 meters, but if he kept eating it would probably increase.
“Folks, you heard the man, either you free those seraphs are he is probably going to kill you all, I saw him doing it once, it’s not something you want to happen to you.”
Summer clearly didn’t want to kill anyone, especially a merchant that had made a bad choice of business.
“Bullshit, I can kill your friend using my pinkie.”
The man on the horse near summer, placed the tip of his spear on Elpis chest while keeping an arrogant attitude, he thought Summer words were just to scare him.
Too bad, he did not noticed that Summer was actually concerned about him, and not about his friend.
However, when he placed the spear on Elpis his fate had already been sealed.
“For the crime of enslaving my people I sentence you to death!”
Saying this Elpis disappeared and reappeared behind him, this wasn’t teleport, it was extremely high speed, so high human eye couldn’t even perceive it.
When Elpis arm penetrated the man back grabbing his heart, he was still seeing Elpis in front of him.
As usual Elpis absorbed his soul  and left the dead body on the horse, the man’s friends could only see Elpis speaking and the reappearing behind him before he fell to the ground.
They didn’t understand the scene, in only one second so many things had changed that their minds were left in confusion.
However, war doesn’t wait for anybody, in 5 seconds, they all fell powerless from their horses, holes in their chest and missing heart.
The merchant and the man beside him were the only survivors.
Elpis calmly approached them, meanwhile the two had somehow understood the scene and were now trembling in fear while losing control of their bladders.
“3 questions, answer correctly and maybe you will live.
Where are you coming from, where does this seraphs come from and where are you going?”
“What are yo-“
A head fell.
“Wrong answer, you better think before making your colleague’s mistake.”
Even after decapitating one of the survivors, Elpis voice didn’t change at all, still calm; He repeated the questions.
This time the man understood, and after swallowing his saliva a few times, he started answering.
Apparently, they were coming from Ror with a bunch of slaves captured there, if Elpis were to keep going forward, he would find a dozen or so carts together, full with prisoners captured near Labyrinthian, they wanted to join that group and sell all the salves at the capital.
“Thanks for your help.”
Elpis politely thanked the man; the man startled by the thanks thought he was free to go, innocent mistake.
Before he could get up, he was pierced by an arm and died on the spot.
 “You didn’t have to kill him. He had surrendered, you killed a defenceless man. ”
Summer tried to reason with Elpis.
“Your defenceless man knew our faces, he would have happily told everything to the Imperials, he was a future threat, for now I can’t be merciful. You think I like to kill? It disgust me, but after seeing my memories you know, I have a city to save.”
Summer clearly understood Elpis words, he knew what he was fighting for, but still, killing a defenceless man, he feared for what he could become.
“I understand, but be careful not to get too comfortable with killing. Having the power doesn’t mean you can just kill anyone; promise me, if there is no reason to kill, don’t kill, you could have neutralized this five people without even blinking, why did you killed them?”
Elpis felt uneasy answering Summer, he felt the truth of his words.
“Those people were criminals, they needed to be stopped!”
“True, but what are you going to do? Butcher everyone that is even related to a criminal, like you did in that village? You are walking on a dangerous path, be careful not to become a monster, you are better than this.”
A strange silence had fall on the duo after Summer speech;
Elpis had already freed the prisoners, he informed them about the meeting point near the river then sent them on their way.
Currently he was working on turning the corpses in something useful, after a few hours he was finished, in front of him were 6 tall man covered in fur, he had created a mix between a wolf and a man, he decided to call this specie: Stalkers.
The stalkers could either walk on two legs and use hands just like humans, or run on all fours, like wolfs, he had created them to patrol the highway and look for seraphs, if they were to find anyone, they had to help him and tell them about the meeting point.
After this, he jumped on the phoenix, and together with Summer, he departed to continue his pursuit.
3 days had passed, Elpis and Summer had freed hundreds prisoners, following Summer advice he had left the victim counter on the minimum, maybe only a dozen or so.
They were currently past Brasia, when they saw some smoke rising from somewhere near the lake, Elpis had a strange feeling, so they went to check it out.
When they were enough near, they could clearly see a hundred soldiers hanging a defenceless man first, and then a woman.
Elpis seeing the scene already felt his blood boiling, just like the first time in the village, thick killing intent was overflowing from him, giving him a scary aura.
“What about them Summer? They are hanging defenceless peoples! Do they deserve to live?”
“Not them, give me a weapon and my armour, I’ll help you.”
“That’s what I wanted to hear.”
After giving back to Summer what was left of his equipment, Elpis gave him a sword made with phoenix’s feathers.
The sword was golden in the central part, and red in the edges, its weight was like a feather and yet it was as hard as steel.
“Okay we are here! Phoenix bring Summer to the ground, I’ll take the shortcut.”
When they were above the soldiers, Elpis jumped down from the phoenix, he slowed his fall by generating flames from his feet; When he reached the ground, he burned a few soldiers leaving the rest in a state of panic for only a few seconds.
They were clearly elites from how they had formed back their lines, Elpis was now surrounded by spears, coming out from a circular shield formation.
Bu could something only on this level stop Elpis?
He used his telekinesis to push everything, in a distance of 4 meters to him, away, the results, were 2 dozen soldiers flying away, landing on their comrades, breaking the formation.
In a moment, it was a bloodbath, people flying, weapons breaking,  blood spilling and body parts falling to the ground.
Even so, the soldiers were admirable, they didn’t stop fighting for a moment, even after seeing their friends dying, they had no fear, they switched from spears to swords and when their swords became useless, they used their own fists, no one tried to surrender or to flee.
At some point, even Summer jumped in, slicing people in half with just one hit.
Phoenix too wanted to join the attack, but if it were to attack, it would have hit Elpis and Summer.
When the last soldier fell, one could see, how hard-fought the battle had been.
Elpis clothes were full of holes and cuts, results of him fighting like a mad berserker, ignoring incoming swords, and concentrating on consuming souls.
Summer, on the other hand, wasn’t as tattered as Elpis, with an armour full of dents, he had fought while avoiding and parrying truly dangerous attacks.
The two victorious warriors fell on their butts, gasping for air, they were naturally tired.
And while the two were resting, a little girl came out of the home, she was only around  4-5 year old, with purple hair, and purple eyes, but what shocked the duo, was the four wings little wings coming out of her back.
“*SOB*where is my mom *SOB*, and dad?*SOB*”
The girl was crying, she probably heard everything that happened outside, Elpis luckily had a fast thinking, he shifted Summer with his telekinesis in front of the girl, and used his telekinesis (to shoot away the girl parents, I SWEAR, WHEN I FIRST IMAGINED THIS SCENE, I PICTURED THE TWO BODIES FLYING AWAY, SO THE GIRL COULDN’T SEE THEM LIKE THIS.) ,to lay her parents inside some bushes, together with the rest of the bodies.
He didn’t want to let the girl see her parents full of wounds and covered in blood.
“Mommy *SOB* told me to wait inside, *SOB* to hide until she come back *SOB*, did she went away because I disobeyed *WHAAA*”
“Oh shit, Summer, tell her something!”
“ehmmm, don’t worry little girl, your mother is coming back shortly, your father too.”
“*sniff* really? *sniff*”
Summers somehow managed to calm the girl.
“Summer, why don’t you go to look this little princess’ parents with her, while I clean up this place?”
“oh, sure; You heard him? Let’s go look for them together, okay?”
“*Sniff* okay…”
She seemed a little better, now comes the hard part, he had to clean up the whole place, make her parents corpses something decent before making her see them and storage all the soldiers meat,  it would be a waste to let them rot in the forest, he could make something epic!
To clean the place was easy, take some dirt, and cover the blood; the parents took 50 minutes, he had to make many efforts to make them look human again.
Their blond hair, sign of angels, also startled him but he didn’t inquire much, time was running short, Summer and the girl could be back any moment now.
To store the meat, he used an experimental version of a dimensional ring, (long ass explanation on how did he created a storage ring with the help of Sot).
Currently the ring contained only a bunch of Phoenix feathers and a banjo (another one of his inventions).
Then Summer came back, and with him the girl.

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