Chapter 6: The honourable knight

Chapter 6: The honourable knight

“Grandpa, you are always talking badly about humans, for once, can’t you tell me about a good human?”

“Sure, wahtever you want, little one.

Once upon a time, there was a man, he was a knight from the imperial guard, his fellow’s knights respected him because of his courage and ability with sword and magic, he was beloved by the people because of his kind heart.

This knight had done many great deeds earning uncountable rewards, it is said he was used to receive at least ten marriage proposition every day, because of his good looks and charming personality.

Some people even compared him to the emperor; after all, he was a genius tactician in war and had helped developing some of the poorest zones of the empire.

Truly a remarkable person, a hero!

However, such a person was bound since the beginning to attract troubles;

The emperor, feeling jealousy tried to get rid of the knight, sending him to suicide missions, like getting a roc egg or subduing bandit’s groups by himself.

The more suicide missions he completed, the more the emperor hated him and the more the people loved him!

His fame, had even attracted not only the daughter of the emperor, but even his son and the empress!

But unfortunately for the trio and the countless hundreds other people that wanted to marry him, he had made a vow, to never marry and always keep his righteousness attitude.

In truth, the knight was already married, but he knew that if somebody dicovered his wife, she would pay the price for the jealousy of other women.

Moreover, his wife was nor an incredible beauty nor some rich noblewoman with polished manners and high charm, she was just a country girl he had met while traveling.

What charmed him was the way she spoke to others and her pure heart, When they met, it was love at first sight, and after a while, they both fell in love and secretly married.

To keep his wife away from troubles he had her live in Labyrinthian, where she worked as teacher for kids.

Then everything changed, when the fire nation empire attacked, launching a massive attack on Labyrinthian, the knight, like many others, got convinced to participate with lies of a threath  and promises of fortune.

The emperor still intentioned to kill the knight, decided to give him another impossible task, to lead the assault from the front lines and bring at least 10 angel’s heads.

The knight felt divided, he didn’t know if to ignore the emperor and go save his wife or complete the task and then go to look for her.

Unfortunately his righteous heart once again forced him to do the greater good and fight to save as many imperial soldiers as he could.

The battle then started, the sky got covered in grey clouds and thunder rumbles filled air; he was on the frontline, together with the cannon fodder sent there only to take on the majority of the magic attacks.

Another thunder filled the air, he gave a battle cry while running towards the city, guiding his men to death, most of the front lines got literally pulverized by lightining bolts and fire balls casted from the high walls of the city.

He fought amidst fireballs and bolts of electricity, against seraph and angels, creatures that only instilled awe and respect in men because of their power, and not only he had to face them, but he had to kill them.

Not for a second he felt hate in that brawl, he only felt respect for his opponents and hoped not to win, but to survive and see his wife, even for one last time.

When the battle was midway done he had even met the great archangel, one of the most powerful being created by god himself to be placed on earth, if the angels were the strongest beings, he was the original while the others copies.

The two had battled for a while, but the great archangel was clearly tired from using all his energy in the early stage of the battle, and now, against one of the most powerful human warriors, he was fighting almost on par.

In the end it was the angel to win the fight, he had forced the knight on the ground, and placed the tip of the blade on his heart, but at the moment of the fatal strike the angel seemed distracted, the knight took the chance and slit the angel throat.

Even after killing the strongest being he felt no pride, his opponent was tired and yet had still beaten him, maybe the reason he had won was because the angels wanted to spare him, and he cowardly killed his savior.

However, he had no time to waste on such thoughts; there was still a battle to fight, he quickly jumped back in the fray, he could feel that in a matter of moments the defences would fall and he could go look for his wife.

But, as we have already said, fate was not kind with this man, when the battle was at the end a light erupted, filling every corner of the city.

When the light disappeared, so where his opponents, and his wife….

The knight looked everywhere for her, he left no stone unturned, but she wasn’t there, some says the knight left the city only two weeks later, and then disappeared in the nowhere.”


“I swear, if that’s seriously the sound of your roar, I’m going to rebuild you from the scrapes!”

How can something this big emit such sound!

“Wow, chill out! I was just joking! Don’t destroy this body, please!”

The giant phoenix had spoken, not like the other creations, with their base vocabulary,  it had spoken like a normal human.


Elpis was naturally dumbfounded, the phoenix should just have a few basic knowledge of the vocabulary, how could it speak that way, and more importantly, it pranked him.

“You are not supposed to prank me; you shouldn’t even be able to!”

“Well, you know, this is not the stupid bird anymore, I kind of possessed his body, but don’t worry, in exchange for this body, I will serve you just like that bird would!”

“Tell me immediately who you are, and how you got in my Phoenix otherwise you are dead, not even your soul will escape this place!”

“First of all, my name is Teresa, and I’m a natural spirit, my element is fire; when you awakened the roc you also awakened the stone where I was sleeping, which YOU inserted in the roc, so technically, you gave me this body to possess.”

Elpis felt incredibly stupid, he had learned about natural spirits, but he didn’t think that one would reside in the bunch of stones he fused and inserted in the roc.

“Are you seriously going to serve me?”

He was helpless, to free the body from the elemental, he had to kill it, and he f to kill such a fine work, moreover, having a natural spirit by his side was very helpful, he could use fire magic and give fire element to his creations.

“Yes, I swear on my name!”

“then take your spirit form and let’s make a contract.”

“urgh, you actually know about contracts… fine.”

A contract was something that people would make with spirits to gain the power to use their elements without chanting.

Usually the spirits will start to live in the holder of the contract, as payment for the contract, but in this case, the spirit already had a body, so Elpis had already respected his part of the contract.

Another feature of the contract, was the loyalty of the spirit towards the master, once done, the spirit could not intentionally hurt or disobey his master’s orders.

Gradually the flame bird started to shrink and in about 30 seconds it became a little girl.(maou201 forced me to do this, please don’t hate)


She wore a dress with the same colours of the flame roc, gold and flaming red, even her hair was red,  in contrast her eyes were blue, identifying her as natural spirit.

Flame spirits were usually seen as young girls with a lively attitude, they love to play pranks and fool around, truly, the worst nightmare for Elpis in his current gloomy and serious mood.

Even thought he was not in little girls, seeing her pure face he couldn’t help but think “cute”.

(did I just copied the shield hero? Yes, somehow I did, even if I noticed it only the day after…  (for those that don’t understand: giant bird transforming in a beautifull and pure loli))

“Now let’s perform the contract master,”

The little girl advanced toward Elpis, when she was just in front of him one could see the difference in height, Elpis was about 1.95-2 meter tall while the spirit 1.50-1.55.

She raised her head gazing in her future master eyes and said, spelling each letter “Do it”.

Elpis got on one knee, looked at the deep blue eyes of Teresa and kissed her lightly on her small lips.

A part of the spirit power penetrated Elpis (hehe) through the kiss.

The contract was done, and Elpis was feeling remorsefully about kissing a little girl, no matter how cute she was.

“What a boring kiss, I had waited over 300 hundreds years for a romantic and passionate kiss, and this is how I get rewarded? Pfui!”

She isn’t a little girl! He felt a little relieved, but still he couldn’t repeat it.

“Now I expect obedience from you, if I order something, you will obey, Understood?”

“yes, yes, but if I obey reward me good, I’m still looking forward to a nice kiss from my master.”

Elpis worriedly gulped.

“As if!”

“Maybe I should have just given up on the fire phoenix, Teresa sounds way too dangerous.”

Elpis ignored Theresa and walked to the slave wagon; he lifted the tarpaulin covering the slaves and opened the cage.

The seraphs inside couldn’t believe  their eyes when they saw the village, at least Elpis had cleared it of the bodies and blood, so the seraphs weren’t horrified, but still, the destruction carried out by Elpis alone was enough to leave deep impressions in their hearts.

“You are now free to go, if you want to run away you can, but I suggest you not to, I’m going to rescue the other captured seraphs, then we can meet in the northern forest, where the river get out of the forest.

I can give you this two cabals, they are very smart, just tell them where to go and they will understand.”


Meanwhile the knight was still looking for the children, he had looked in every crumbled building and under every rock, but he had found nothing, as if there were never been any kids at all.

“strange, but there is nothing I can do, I better go back.”

“Knight! Come here!”

He rushed to Elpis position, when he got there he found a fucking giant roc, one of those dimension could destroy a few villages without any problem.

“Oh, my Kira! What is that?”

“Nothing, my new pet, i need your help to do an experiment, get on top.”

“Get on top? Of that thing? And when did you caught such monster?”

“Shush! not important details, will you get on, or do I have to force you?”

The knight gulped, he had once, fought against some rocs, they were very strong, and were only one meter tall, this was as big as a house!

He decided to try his luck, he approached the golden roc and touched his wing; He didn’t look annoyed or angry with him.

He mustered his courage and climbed up on the beast’ back, the feathers were very soft against the hand, just like petting a rabbit, but at the same time, he could feel how strong they were, probably not even his sword could penetrate them.

He had finally arrived on the back, he felt very happy, after all, he thought he was going to die, and he was still alive!

“Okay Phoenix, Light your flames!”

From the back of Phoenix flames started to rise, a few even attacked the poor knight.

He jumped down before he could take any real damages and yelled against Elpis.

“What the fuck did you tried to do? Roast my ass?”

“Shush, we are not over yet, Phoenix, flames off!”

The flames disappeared from Phoenix body like how they had appeared.

Elpis gave a saddle to the knight.

“Help me put this on Phoenix, so she won’t be able to burn us.”

“Couldn’t you do that before!?”

“I had to be sure that the fire would reach us, otherwise building this would have been a waste.”


The knight was officially out of words; he silently helped Elpis saddle the Phoenix and then they climbed up.

“Okay, ready?”

The knight was still worried, how could a simple leather saddle protect them from the flames?

Suddenly Elpis jumped down, simultaneously, the flame appeared on the phoenix burning both the saddle and the knight ass.

“mmmhh, looks like I will have to enchant the saddle it after all….”


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