Fairytale for the nephilith Chapter 5: Father of a new era

Chapter 5: Father of a new era

“Grandpa, today the taught us about our Mesos Continent!”

“Oh? And tell me, what did you learn?”

“I learned in the North West there is a chain of mountains called the giant’s toes, because they are five giants’ mountains and resemble the toes in a feet;

Then there is the Skypiercer, Mesos Continent highest mountain, its peak is way over the clouds, no one ever reached even halfway and from its peak a river descend, it is said its water come directly from heaven.

The river descending from Skypiercer is called Heaven way, it divides at the roots of the mountain and one half goes to the Ocean’s son, that part is called Varr river, the river that leave the lake and dies in the immense ocean is called Amur river.

The other side of Heaven way goes through Brasia, Brasia’s building are built on the river, instead of roads they have canals and to move in the city you have to take the boats or walk on suspended bridges.

After leaving Brasia, Heaven way continues nearing Roskan, the farming city in the prairie, then it fuse with the silver stream continuing to the south.

It reaches Agua the maritime city, and reunites with the ocean.”

“Good, where does the silver stream come from?”

“From the northern forest”

“Yes, but where in the northern forest?”

“uhmmm, the northern forest is too dangerous, so no one has ever explored it all, even the river rapids make it impossible to “climb up”(not sure how should I say it) the river with a boat.”

“The silver stream originates from the Angel’s weep waterfall, an entrance to the water spirits city, I’ve

been there once when I was young…”

“But teacher told us it’s too dangerous to go there, everyone that tried died”

“Normally it would be true, water spirits are very jealous of their city, they don’t want intruders, but if you are with a water spirit….”

“Tell me everything, I want to know how to befriend a water spirit”

“You know, your father doesn’t want me to tell you about my adventurous days…”

“But grandpaaaaa!

“No buts, if you want to know ask your father, after all he travelled with me too, if he decides to tell you then it’s okay.”


“c’mon, tell me something more about our continent and maybe I’ll tell you a little bit.”


Coff* coff* we are currently living on the biggest island of the great archipelago, Caelum, there are at least 2000 other islands around us, most of which have been generated by high volcanic activity.

To our west, there is the sea of mist, and even far away, hell gouge, a gigantic water vortex that swallowed countless ships.

In the southern west there is the capital of the empire, to his east the Emperor’s woods and the devil punishment, a giant city-like prison and cemetery, it was built over the battlefield of the demon war and currently hold most of the criminals of the empire.

Extremely opposite to the capital, in the north east we can find the ruins of Labyrinthian, which now host the great dungeon and is infested by monsters.”

“Why should I trust you?”

Elpis was still holding the knight heart with his right arm, he knew after examining his soul, that he was not lying and he was actually a very honourable person, in other times they could have become friends.

“I am a knight, I never go back on my word, and moreover, before dying I have to make amend for killing innocents.”

Elpis kept thinking about any reason why he should refuse, but he had been alone with a voice in his head for over 2 weeks, and when he wasn’t alone he was killing; not very healthy for the mind, maybe adding another member, even if human was really the right thing to do.

“hmmm, for now give me everything you have, I don’t want any surprises while sleeping.”

Saying so, Elpis took his arm out of the knight’s chest and healed the wound, by using the energy he had earned consuming an entire village, he could now effortlessly recreate all the muscle and bones he had broken.

The knight seemed startled and full of question while touching the area in his chest where it was previously pierced by an arm, but he stayed silent, took off his armour, and gave it to the Elpis.

He was left only with a white tunic and some leather trousers.

Elpis spent a few minutes examining his equipment looking for anything that could permit the knight to hurt him, but in the end he couldn’t find anything, he had used everything in the fight before.

“Okay, you can join me, but before I still have a few things to do, meanwhile you could search for the children of this village, before when I was fighting I didn’t find them. Do not worry, I don’t want to kill them, but I also can’t leave some children here in this pool of blood.”

The knight nodded and started the search.

Elpis things to do were:

First: take the hanged woman and bury her.

Second: Use the remains of the villagers to create a few mounts for himself and the enslaved seraphs.

Third: decide where the seraphs could go while he was looking for other slave carts.

The first thing did not take even five minutes, with his telekinesis, that now had reached the 250 kg limit, he snapped the rope, excavated a grave and buried her.

To complete his work he created a little flower garden above her tomb.

His second task required more work, after piling all the corpses in one point, he tried to imagine some cabals, buffalo like creatures with six legs, beaver’s tail, and completely covered in red fur they looked very strong, they were used to train carriages and plow the fields.

While he imagined the creature he used the people remains to recreate his body, little by little the meat started to move and fuse, in 5 minutes around 30 people had fused forming a lump of meat, then the meat started to grow extremities, but not the way it should have.

Instead of having six legs, the thing had 12 extremities, all in random places, seeing his failure Elpis didn’t lose spirit and minced the lump of meat, then he tried again.

This time the thing had eight legs but at least this time they were in the right places, not happy with the result he minced it and re-tried again.

At the sixth  try the beast ha finally the right form, now it was the hardest part, he had to imagine how all the organs and muscles were going to work.

At the thirty-second try it had even a functioning brain, now it only missed the skeleton and the skin, the skeleton didn’t take much time and the skin was kid’s play, after connecting all the nerves in the body with the brain laying some skin on the meat wasn’t hard at all.

He even gave it a layer of fat to protect it against the cold; finally, he made the fur grow and gave life to the animal.

He felt ecstatic when the animal opened his eyes and looked at his creator with eyes full of gratitude.

In that moment, Elpis felt like he was a god and the animal in front of him his first creation. He was feeling proud and happy, feelings he hadn’t felt since abandoning the elder’s hall.

He caressed his creation, his fingers passed through the soft fur, like petting a giant ball of cotton, even the smell, he didn’t smell of blood like the rest of the village, it smelled like lavender, a little bonus he had added while creating his skin.

Elpis wasn’t the only one feeling joy in that moment, the perfumed cabal was feeling bliss with every touch of his master, his red tongue was hanging out of the mouth and his third leg on the right was kicking the ground in excitement.

“Good girl, now rest a little, I’m going to make you a brother.”

“Master, name, I.”

Another little bonus he had given his first creation was the ability to talk, he couldn’t talk at human level yet, because he had given her only a base vocabulary but with the time she could learn.

“I will bestow upon you the name of Prima, because you are my first creation”

“I, Prima, Thanks.”

Now, let’s create another cabal, this one will be a male.”

The second time it only took him 6 tries to complete the work, the Cabal in front of him wasn’t red, he had made him blue, to make him different from Prima.

“Your name will be Secondo.”

“I, Happy.”

He petted him for a while then went back to create, now that he had created 2 train beast for the enslaved seraphs he needed something for him and the knight, something fast, that could carry two people and if possible fly like a bird.

After all, they were chasing down slavers, if they could see them from the sky they would spare a lot of time.

This time he used all the 40+ corpses remaining, but they didn’t look enough, so he added everything in sight, trees, grass, food from the houses, everything that was alive was good enough.

The result was a pile of 6 ton of material, now he felt satisfied; this would be his greatest creation for a while.

First, he imagined the greatest flying animal he knew, at first he thought of an angel, but he couldn’t create nothing that had a soul, which included humans, seraphs, angels and demons; unless he was willing to take someone else soul, clean it up and  fuse it with the body, but for now he didn’t have any soul.

His second choice was a great roc:


(Credits for the image to: http://arvalis.deviantart.com/ )

In his word the roc were at maximum 1 meter tall, and lived in mountain zones forming communities of 6 to 7 individuals, no need to tell how terrifying it was to see a flock of giant predators flying.

He had never seen one alive, but once his father had given him a bestiary, and inside there was an entire chapter describing rocs.

But as much as fearsome a normal roc was, he couldn’t travel long distance with a person on his back, so his idea was to create a great roc (image above).

Like before, he started fusing every component in one big mass, when that was done he extended the legs and developed the claws, while the Cabal had fluffy paws, the rock had claws made to catch preys and hold them while flying away.

Creating the claws at the right length was the hardest challenge, too long, the roc would hurt himself, too short, and he couldn’t hold nothing.

After he was done with claws he developed the internal organs, and the head, the eye part was tricky, the roc had an incredible sight to be able to spot preys from up in the sky, so he needed to be extra careful when developing the cornea and the nerves attached to the eyes.

To the wings part he had to ask Sot help, if the wings weren’t long enough the roc wouldn’t even be able to fly.

After 39 tries he finally completed his roc, he only needed to give it life, but before he had an idea, he took out the stones inserted in the slaves’ collars and fused them to create a red gem that he installed in the roc chest, if everything went right, the roc would be able to use magic.

He couldn’t contain his happiness, this was the first magical beast to ever appear on the continent, and he was the creator!

He slowly infused life in the giant bird in front of him; first the roc opened his eyes, then he lifted his glorious golden body and spread his massive wings, he was displaying his majesty to the world.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened,  the red gem in his chest started to pulse, and a wave of fire spread all over the roc body leaving behind a red pattern, in an instant was over.

The roc had originally a body covered with golden feathers, now after the fire, the tip of each feather was red, the colour of flames, and his wing displayed an hypnotic design, when he moved his wings a wave of flame fell on the ground, charring the soil.

Elpis was looking in admiration to his creation, with a setting sun behind, he looked like a fire god, he could no longer be called great roc, he needed an epic name.

“From now on your name will be Phoenix, the flame bringer!”


He just chirped like a normal little bird in response to his master; a little anticlimactic seeing how his body was 3 times a normal house and was emitting flames from his body.



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