A fairy tale for the nephilim Chapter 4: Reaper of Innocents souls

Chapter 4: Reaper of Innocents souls

“Grandpa, can humans use magic?”

“hmmmm, where does this question come from?”

“Today, while I was wandering in the forest, I saw a woman making flowers bloom.”

“Oh, what you saw was probably a fairy.”


“Yes, a human that became friend with natural spirits, the closer to spirits the more powerful the fairy magic is.”

“Wait, natural spirits? Start again.”

“Sigh, they don’t teach you anything in school anymore.

You see, when god created the world, he also created natural spirits, when someone wants to perform a spell he has to ask the spirits, that’s the chant, unfortunately, not many people can see spirits, so most of the mages think the magic came directly from them.

However, the spirits never do nothing for free, when you ask the spirits you also offer them energy, their food, the more energy you offer, the more the spirits will put efforts and the magic they will use will be more powerful.

But that’s not the only way of using magic, some people born with the gift of seeing spirits can befriend them, by becoming friends the spirits will start to reside inside your body and you will be able to use their powers without chanting.

Those people are called fairies, they are legends in legends, few people believe in them and even fewer have ever seen one, you are very lucky.

There is also another kind of Spirit user, the one that catch the spirits by luring them in special traps and then imprison them inside of special instruments, those are called spirits masters, they create magical weapons and other kind of instruments.”

“But grandpa, humans can’t accumulate energy, how can they lure the spirits?”
“Another thing you didn’t learn in school… I have to talk with your teacher.

You are right; humans by themselves can’t accumulate magic energy.

However the other races can, why do you think?”

“The crystals?”

“Good, at least you are not stupid.”


“The crystal wings of angels, the gems of demons and seraphs and the heart of a Nephilim, they all works as magic generators, they suck energy from the nature and gather it in the crystals.

When a human get one of these treasures he can use the gems as it was a part of him, they can also pulverize them and create magic circles.

Many think that one of the main reason why humans attacked Labyrinthian was to snatch all the crystal of the city, like they were harvesting plants, phu(it should be the sound of someone spitting).”

“hmmm, ah! Now I remembered, today I saw uncle *** training, and while talking he told me he used to be human, why did it became like that?”

“ *** and I were friends since long ago, I saw his change piece by piece.

Why do you think that people that kills a lot become demons?”

“Because they are evil people right?”

“Half-right, you see, humans aren’t stuck with fragile bodies, they can also become incredibly strong, just think about Gaz, the first demon, he was also human, he became stronger and stronger because for every man he killed a little bit of the soul of the fallen was absorbed by him unconsciously.

That’s also what happened to uncle ***.”

“But uncle isn’t a demon!”

“Because he killed in a different way; killing with the intent to make others suffer is the path to become a demon, even the angels became demons because their hatred for the people that captured them was transferred to the innocents they killed.

But *** killed not to cause sufferance, but to protect others, he was a virtuous knight, and was rewarded.”

“One day you will have to tell me about your adventures with uncle *** and the others.”

“haha, sure, when you will be older.”



Elpis rage had reached new levels seeing the cargo content, not able to suppress it anymore he let it explode on the first humans he could find, the first he vented his anger on was the slave trader in front of him.

He didn’t even notice the change in Elpis face expression, Elpis arm was so fast that when it went through the man chest gripping his heart the man was still smiling.

Elpis could feel the heart gripped by his hand pumping blood, the man finally reacting to the pain looked down with a pained expression and saw Elpis arm penetrating him (does this count as fisting?), his face full of disbelief and fear.

The heart of the man in reaction to the fear started to pump faster, Elpis could feel it, then he clenched his fist crushing the heart in his hand, it couldn’t hold any resistance to Elpis herculean strength and got squished like a sponge.

Elpis was performing something he had learned from Sot; Nephilim could directly absorb soul energy, they wouldn’t need nor to eat nor to drink, but by eating souls they could grow stronger, and usually the human soul would be residing in the heart.

When he squished the heart, he started absorbing the energy trying to escape, if even a part of the soul could escape then the man would find himself in heaven, but Elpis didn’t concede even a fragment of the soul to escape.

When Elpis finished, only the time for a few breaths had passed, he took out the arm from the dead man and he fell to the ground with a with face, as if he had died days ago.

Elpis arm was completely red and a few tears of blood had even dirtied his green cloak, he had taken the green cloak while escaping from the city and by irony, he was using it to hide the blood stained clothes he had since the city escape.

When the body hit the ground, the slaves in the cage noticed it and after seeing Elpis they rejoiced, maybe he was there to save them!

Elpis looked at them: “wait here for a little, I have to take out the trash.”

Saying so he used his telekinesis to cover the wagon with the cloth tarpaulin, (I learned this word just now, cool) he didn’t want them to see anything.

He turned his head to the village; first, he made sure no one could escape the village.

He used the telekinesis to grab a man walking a few steps away, he used the same technique he had used on the previous man, but this time he didn’t absorb the soul, he used it as fuel to create a four meter wall surrounding the whole city.

Then he focused on the nearest building, a tavern, he used the telekinesis to grab the wall and it exploded revealing the people inside.

The people that previously were dining in peace were startled by the wall disappearing, before they could react a suction force shoot them outside the tavern, they landed on the plaza in front of a white haired youth.

After seeing the 2 man behind him lying on the ground fear invaded their hearts, a few brave man tried to attack him while the majority tried to escape only to find the village surrounded by walls.

The men that had attacked Elpis were minced in moments and their souls absorbed, this time he was seriously intending on not letting a single soul find peace in heaven.

He was calmly decimating the village, people seeing the monster in the plaza either ran hiding in their homes or tried to climb the wall, everything useless, just like a couple praying in tears to have their lives spared.

“When she prayed you spared her?!”

He pointed to the hanged seraph and yelled in anger to the couple.

“She was just a monster why do you care!”

He was going to rip off his head but his words baffled him, “monster? I’ll show you what a real monster is!”

He stretched his palm to the young woman, he used his telekinesis to create a little bubble of air inside her head and boom, he expanded it.

The man was now scared shitless seeing the woman he loved scattered around, a little had even landed on him.

“You now understand the difference between a monster and a defenceless woman?”

The man couldn’t even nod, his mind had died with the woman, he was only a piece of meat now.

Elpis grabbed the woman soul that were leaking from the neck and ate her, and then he took extra care of the man.

Only half an hour had passed and of the city only building teared to shreds remained, a little line of smoke was coming out from a barn where a torch had set to flame the wood, in a few more minutes the fire would grow eating the rest of the city.

Elpis was watching the spectacle with a trembling heart, he could smell the iron smell of the blood and he could actually even taste it, a little blood had landed in his mouth while tearing a man to pieces, he hadn’t enjoyed a single moment.

Surely, he was not enjoying seeing a village he was familiar with covered in blood and corpses.

“I did what I had to do, they deserved it, I saw inside every soul I devoured and not a single one of them was displeased in the minimum with the death of an innocent, so why should I be?”

He was trying to convince himself killing semi-innocent villagers was the right thing to do, but deep down he, who was raised by an angel and a human woman with love and care, couldn’t fell but disgust with his actions.

You did what you had to, you saved the dozen seraphs behind you, if you had not exterminated those pests they would have been sold to slavery, suffering every day.

The people you killed only suffered a moment, if compared to the future that was going to happen to the seraphs there is better.

“You are right, I only need a moment to-“

Before finishing he was struck by a lighting to his back, the pain was unbearable and he felt a little soul abandoning the pearl on his neck, someone in the ark had died to protect him.

He turned around and saw a man wearing the azure armour of an imperial knight, imperial knight were raised since birth to become perfect soldiers to the empire, they were the best of the best, one of them could even fight on par with a half-demon which had three times the strength of a normal human.

The knight was standing on the wall while holding a staff with a yellow crystal on top, suddenly the crystal exploded and another lighting shoot towards Elpis.

This time Elpis was prepared and launched a golden coin against the lightning, the coin melted but it brought the lighting on the ground blocking the attack.

“Humphf, nice trick monster, you will pay for massacring this people!”

His anger had lighted again after seeing one of the people inside the ark dying for him.

The knight took out a long sword from his back and rushed to Elpis; Elpis was looking at the man with hate but didn’t move until the man was in front of him.

The knight used his sword to draw an arc that in theory should have cut his head but it was stopped in mid-air by Elpis mind.

The man looked startled but didn’t wait for the counter-attack, he left the sword and used the momentum of the sword to thrust a dagger in Elpis right eye.

Again the dagger stopped, now there were two blades in mid-air, Elpis looked un-impressed at the knight.

“These people died because they deserved it, they killed my brethren and I killed them, this is justice.”

The knight understood that using blades was useless and jumped away; when the lighting hit before he surely should have died, but he don’t look injured in the slightest, let’s see if he can survive this too!

The knight took the shield on his back and put it between him and the monster, when he crouched hiding completely he took a red gem in his hand and yelled:


Then launched the red stone, Elpis blocked it too.

“if you think thi-“

Before Elpis finished speaking the blades still in mid-air exploded sending shrapnel fragments everywhere, a few hit the shield of the knight but couldn’t penetrate it.

The knight looked above the shield and saw Elpis even more enraged, he didn’t look injured, but he didn’t know that another soul had left Elpis ark to save him.


Elpis didn’t want to play anymore, the death of 2 of his people meant he had underestimated the man in front of him.

The first hit was a surprise attack and he couldn’t help but get hit, but the second was caused by him playing around.

Elpis rushed to the knight ripping the shield and thrusting his arm to grab the heart, even the armour made of parol, one of the strongest metal similar to titanium, couldn’t block it.

It wasn’t that the knight had made any mistake, facing a godly speed and strength not even all the tricks in the world and the training he had done could fill the gap.

Elpis grasped the heart ready to squish it and absorb the soul; however, what he found left him startled, the soul was completely white and clean, it even had a hint of blue, which meant righteousness.

Why such a man was serving the empire?

“Hey you, before killing you I need to know, how could you kill innocent Seraphs and keep your soul clean?”

“*cough*, innocent? The seraphs I killed weren’t innocent, they were soldiers that threatened the safety and peace of the empire, I’m not a cold-blood killer like you *puh*(spit sound)”

“Threatened the empire? You kidding? We were living peacefully; it was you that attacked us!”

“Stop your lies monster, *cough* everybody knows how you obliged all of you citizens to become soldiers and were preparing to attack the empire! We have the proofs, one hundred thousand people disappeared from your city, and we know they are your secret army now headed to slaughter innocents!”

Elpis was startled, they had convinced the soldiers to attack the city with lies? Moreover, his action to save his people had actually created proofs that ignited the hatred for the seraphs?

“I’ll let you see the truth then, then we will see who is the monster!”

Elpis took a little piece of his own soul and gave it to the knight, inside that little fragment there were his memories.

The knight suffered for a few seconds, he was seeing everything had happened in Elpis life at light speed.

When everything was over a few tears came out of his eyes.

“I-I didn’t know, *sob* we didn’t know what we were doing, *sob* I killed innocents… kill me please, let me pay for my mistakes with my life!”

He was ready to die, eyes closed, body relaxed on the ground and face dirty with dust and tears, he spitted a little bit of blood then he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Wait! My death isn’t worth all the lives I’ve taken, let me help you, I know where the caravan with seraphs prisoners are, I can guide you!”


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